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The GREEN RAY project aims at minimising methane slip from Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) vessels to enable clean waterborne transport. By developing three innovative technologies for LNG engines that can be installed on new and existing ships, GREEN RAY is working to reduce the negative impact of waterborne transport and protect human and environmental health.

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Mitigating Methane Slip in LNG Engines

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25 Aug 2024

European Aerosol Conference 2024

About the Conference: The European Aerosol Conference 2024 will bring together scientists, industry professionals, and educators to discuss the latest… Continue reading European Aerosol Conference 2024

13 May 2024

14th Air Quality Conference 2024

On May 13th, GREEN RAY will be attending the 14th International Conference on Air Quality in Helsinki, Finland, where it… Continue reading 14th Air Quality Conference 2024


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